vrijdag 25 april 2008

I love A'dam.


Ohh Amsterdam was so much fun! We were going by bus, and me and my friends were sitting in the back. I sat next to L. and we have sung all the way long to A'dam. It drove many people crazy, but well.. they were just grumpy I think! I wanna said: "Guys, we're going to Amsterdam! Be happy!" hehe.
Some people are always grumpy, so boring.. I am happy all the time xD

I have taken so much pictures, here are two photographs with me (haha, I really look like a tourist here, don't you think? x'D)

We had to do some stuff for school and visit the Rijksmuseum, but after that we were going shopping! Too bad we didn't have much time, but I've bought a really cute little wallet, a belt and two tops =D
Today I also received - finally - my H&M clothes. But the cardigan is way too big! =(I ordered a size 34 (xs), but it's more like a size 38 (m). My mama fits it!) But the top with the bow is really cute :)

Both Zara, 10 euro and 13,90 euro. . Accesorize 5,90 and Bershka 10,-

And my cuuute top, I love it!

well, what do you think of my Amsterdam adventure? xD


2 opmerkingen:

anna zei

love the t-shirt you wear!

Marte zei

I love the details of that last top:) is it from H&M? lovely!