zaterdag 26 april 2008


Do you think YOU have a oversized sweater or shirt in your closet? Then watch this:

hahah this is a woolen sweater from my father, I found it today in his closet. When I saw it I thought: "WOW, when did he has worn this!?"
it's so huge and scratchy and it smells like sheeps xD
I've nothing to do because it's vacation here now (two weeks, yeah!) so I decided I would make a nice outfit with this huge eh.. thing.
And voilà, a black small ribbon on it, a pair of heels and tights and you can wear it like a dress! I don't know if I would really wear this in public, I think I wouldn't =P
besides the fact it's just an enormously sweater, it is sooo schratchy! I was glad that the photo was made so I could take that thing of hehe.

11 opmerkingen:

Hanna zei

I totally agree. It´s to bad I cant afford it. But hey, that´s life...

Benedicte zei

Haha, cute

Hunters Glory zei

Over sized always brings comfort and options!

Skye... zei

haha it looks great :)

Cool Urbanite. zei

Staat je leuk!

Vain and Vapid zei

What a shame that it's too itchy for you to wear in real life cause as a dress I think it looks lovely...

Dandelion zei

Het staat je echt superleuk! En origineel bedacht ook:)

Irene zei

Haha super idee! Ik ben meteen in de kast van mijn vader gaan snuffelen voor oversizeden truien. ;)

jenny h. zei

i lovee how you did that!
so cute :)

thanks for checking out my blog!

fashion Chalet zei

Great sweater. I love that! zei

even that looks cute on you