vrijdag 2 mei 2008


Sorry for no posting in a long time, but I'm back again :)
Yesterday I went to the Hulsbeek, that's sort of a park with a lake where you can swim in the summer. I hadn't been there for years but when I came there I regocnized everything. I was there with some friends and other people 'cause Vanilla Sky (from the really cool version of Umbrella, check youtube for their video) and Dennis (a Dutch singer, a girl, not a guy xD) were going to perform there. When we arrived, Vanilla Sky was already playing, so we ran to the stage and we stood totally in front. It was so cool! They rock. After the show the band singer came to the field to give his autographs to all the hysterical girls (and yes, I was one of them. Not acting hysterical though =P) And I have a picture with him! Oh no, not one, I believe I've four pictures with him haha. I was the only one with a camera so all the people who I was together with, asked if I wanted to make a photo. I think he will never forget that girl with the long blond hair and black camera hahah xD
Dennis was really cool too, we went totally crazy. we were all dancing and doing silly dancemoves, it was so funny. A few girls behind me were the whole time saying: "oh my god, look at those girls.." Pff. I hate people who can't have fun but do laugh at other people when they're having fun.

These are the shoes of my and two friends :)

Maybe I will post some outfits tonight, but I don't know if I have time ^^ Otherwise I will upload them tomorrow!

with love,

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