zondag 4 mei 2008

Lovely weather <3

Today I went to the cinema with a friend :) I think only the Dutch people knows the movie (Dunya en Desie) but it's a really cool movie! I love going to the cinema <3 She had her digital camera with her, so we made a lot pictures on the way back home.

I love the first shot, it's so happy and very spring-ish (is that a word?) The weather was sooo nice today, unbelievable. It was almost 28 degree Celsius, so we could cycle without our coat. That's something I really like about spring/summer: cycle without a coat, big sunglasses on your nose, your hair loose and just gooo! <3

On these pictures I also have my new skirt on. I think it's really cute :D Better photo's of it tonight!

with love,

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Anja zei

I love those pictures! They look like they're from the 70's or something, haha. And summer! I love summer.