maandag 5 mei 2008

short, shorter, shortest.

I bought this short, this skirt (that you have seen in the post before) and these sunglasses a few days ago :)

They all are from H&M.

I also made two outfits with the short. I think it's too short to wear to school. Hmm, maybe it's possible, but then it have to be really hot ^^
Too bad my flats on the first photo aren't white anymore en the belt is, it mis-matches a bit. But in real life it's not that obvious so in fact that doesn't matter.
I know heels and shorts combined can be a little.. slutty. But I like it here, my legs look so long, it's great xD


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CeriseRouge zei

fantastische benen in die outfit, Marjolein!
En ECHT een leuke blog