dinsdag 3 juni 2008

I love dresses <3

hello hello!

I really have to update more often, I think I'm bad in keeping web-logs active xD But I'll try!
Yesterday the weather was Beautiful, with a capitel B. In fact, it was so hot, that I could wear my cute little dress that I bought a few weeks ago :D First I had also a longsleeve on, but in the afternoon it was SO warm, I just toke it off :)
Too bad I had detention (I was 4 times too late for classes, and that means you have to work an hour after your last class has finished) but the good thing was a really good friend of me also were 4 times too late, so it was quite pleasant to clean up the fields around the school hehe ^^

I also made some other outfits with 2 dresses :)

You can't see the whole dress on the first one, too bad 'cause it's so cute.
I think the second look is a bit.. moviestar-ish. With my hair to the back, shiny glasses and a Marilyn Monroe-like dress :)
The last dress is actually from my mother, she bought it today. But I fit it also so I made a combination with it ^^
By the way, don't mind the wound on my knee.. I fell of my bike wednesday and it still hurts :( oh and everybody saying it's looking so scary and gross. And i'm like: "yeah, duhh. I can see that too, you idiots" hehe maybe I'm just tired of it, hearing it 1000 times a day.

with love!

2 opmerkingen:

Ingrid... zei

Hi! Thanks:) I love dresses too. I guess you have noticed. And yours are great!

I really like your blog, nice photos:) And I am sorry I don't write as you understand, my english isn't that great, you see. But maybe you understand something? Dutch and norwegian isn't that different;)

Have a great thursday!

HeyBigTrender zei

the first dress is gorgeous. it looks great as a skirt!