zondag 27 juli 2008

Bless H&M.

Hoooooraaaay, I'm so happy! They finally heard my prayers! At first they only had shoes up to size 40, and what's my size? right; 41. I saw all those people buying the most beautiful H&M shoes, and I couldn't buy them :( But a few minutes ago I discovered that they also have size 41 now! Isn't that great!? :D
Maybe I'm going to buy the black heels that you can see in my collage ^^

Tonight we're going out for dinner 'cause we are together again after 3 weeks (my brother wasn't with us to France) and the outfit on the left is the outfit I'm gonna wear tonight :)
The one on the right I did wear today.


4 opmerkingen:

Leanne zei

Ik heb ook maat 41, en die schoenen daar zijn zo leuk :)

jann. zei

ooh, ik vind beide outfits zo leuk!

soilikethelike zei

i love those black shoes,
cute blog!

Siel. zei

prachtig die jurk!
met die rok lijkt het me mooier om je shirt erin te doen :)