vrijdag 25 juli 2008

I'm back people!

Yay, I'm back in the wonderfull, flat, rainy Netherlands haha.
My vacation was reaaaaly nice, I've met so many nice people and every evening it was so pleasant. All the teenagers came to the ping-pong tables to chat, ping-pong and laugh :) I ate delicious ice creams, practiced my english (I had a German 'boyfriend' and 2 other friends from the UK), even practiced my French a little bit :P, took a looot of pictures (you will see them soon), shopped (sale! sale! saaale!) and much more!

Soon I'm gonna show you the photo's and tell you some nice stories but now I'm gonna sleep 'cause it's midnight and I have sat more then twelve hours in the car..

Oh btw, I bought a sequin black cap, a purse with studs, a cute top with a grey vest attached to it, a denim dress, and red shoes that I wanted for a loooong time :)


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HeyBigTrender zei

YAY! im so glad you're back, i missed your sotries and photographs!! also, nice to hear you had lots of fun on your trip!

glad you like the playlist, it is kind of just randomly put together, so i wasn't sure if people would like it :P