zondag 6 juli 2008

nailpolish addict.

Hmmm I love taking pictures of my eye and then drastically photoshop them :P

Here is a photograph I toke today :)

And a nailpolish I bought a few days ago, love it!

Tomorrow I'm going to France sooo I think you won't hear from me for 3 weeks haha. I don't know if I have internet there, if I have, I will update once or twice to tell you how I'm doing :)


5 opmerkingen:

Unrealized Fish zei

Beautiful picture of your eye!!!

Janneke zei

Your nailpolish is absolutely fabulous!

B zei

That's a very nice photograph, and your nailpolish looks cool.


Mmmmm just bought some HOT green polish...can't wait to bust it out.


Mor zei

Hello my name is mor, from Israel.

me and my friends planning on coming to amsterdam in august. so i was wonderind if i could ask u a few questions...
so... it will be great if you'll give me your email or something! thanks a lot!