zaterdag 26 juli 2008



As I promised, here are my new clothes and stuff I bought in France :)

left: outfit with new top with vest and sequined baret, right: denim dress

new shoes with my heart shaped sunglasses ^^
studded purse

And my parents were so kind, they went to the Sephora and bought this for me :D

The lovely Sephora bag, a little make-up 'book' and my favourite: chocolat douche wash <3
The first three colors are eyeshadows, the second three are blushers and the last ones are for your lips.
On the second photo I did my eye with the eyeshadows. You can't see it reaaaly well, but hopefully good enough :P

Oh and did you see the new H&M collection for autumn? I loooove it! I want money to buy it all!


3 opmerkingen:

HeyBigTrender zei

ooh! love all the cool stuff you bought in france, especially the bag and shoes! also, you lucky duck, MAC is a great brand!

Renee and Vera zei

The studded purse is great

smurfkuh zei

aah ik vind dat tasje echt super leuk!!