zondag 6 juli 2008


And again, I'm tagged! By Marthe Sophie this time.

5 things found in my bag
1. pyjamas trousers
2. nailpolish remover
3. 4 different colours nailpolish
4. some wires for my mobile phone, Ipod, camera etc.
5. 5 euro cent xD
(I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so that's why I've that weird stuff in my bag :P)

5 things found in my wallet
1. some coupons
2. ID card
3. two pictures of me with a friend
4. A coin, coming from Trier :)
5. 1 euro cent (haha, the rest of my money is all over my desk :P)

5 favourite things in my room
1. my bed
2. my computer
3. my camera
4. my wardrobe
5. my curtains

5 things I want to do right now
1. sleep (zzz zzz zzz..)
2. go on vacation (tomorrow!)
3. watch an episode of Heroes
4. take pictures
5. just sit here and listen to music and chat with my friends

5 things I'm currently into
1. photography
2. Heroes
3. polish my nails (don't know if that is the right verb :P)
4. blue/green nailpolish
5. shopping

5 impressions of the girl who tagged me
1. unusual, beautiful name
2. she has a cute dog
3. great outfits
4. She is pretty
5. She is not afraid to be different :)

Whoeh, it looks like I'm a sort of.. nailpolish-addict. And I've to admit; I am xD
Oke oke, this time I'm tagging people!

I'm tagging.. Benedicte, Tess, Renée, cheapthrillsss aaaand Agnethe


2 opmerkingen:

Leanne zei

Hahah I'm also very addicted to nailpolish xD I've bought 4 new ones since friday :) Have fun in France!

HeyBigTrender zei

tag accepted!