maandag 11 augustus 2008

Music, I'm so in love with my music

I loveee music. I listen it all day long; on the telly, on my phone, on my iPod, on my computer.. Or I play the piano or the guitar :) A several days ago I was by my best friend, she plays guitar in a band so I asked here to learn me something.

We're really a music-family; My father plays electric guitar, my brother can play electric guitar, bassguitar and a bit piano, my mother have played piano when she was younger, my sister plays saxophone and I play piano for four years now and since a few days I'm learning to play guitar :) I also love to sing, half a year ago I uploaded a video of me singing on youtube. Just wondering how people thought about my singing skills ^^ (if you wanna listen to it and comment; great :D)

But now, I'm introducing you to my music taste!
Bands/artists I listen to (the bold type ones have commentary under them)

Coldplay, Leaf, Kelly Clarkson, Fiction Plane, the Kooks, the Feeling, Paolo Nutini, the Corrs, the last shadow Puppets, Krezip, Voicst, Norah Jones, Justin Nozuka, Foo fighters, Duffy, Anouk, Alphabeat, Paramore, Red hot Chili Peppers, Sara Bareilles and more!

Leaf - this is a Dutch band. They make great music, it's so happy. Really feeling-good music.

Paolo Nutini - I'm fan since the first time I heard him on MTV by Brand new. He has great songs, I know all the lyrics of them. And sorry, but I have to say it: he's really good-looking isn't he? I love him :D

The last shadow Puppets - Not many people know them, but if you like Indie and british accents, you will certainly like this band!

Krezip - Also a Dutch band, really famous here! The first song is so beautiful. As you can see on the video, almost everyone here knows it haha :) But that one is quite old, the second video is from their latest album, a more up-tempo song.

Voicst - A upcoming band in the Netherlands. Not much people know them (yet) but I guess they're gonna be big :) I'm going to see them on 6 September 'cause then there is a festival here in my city. Leaf is also coming, can't wait!

Justin Nozuka - this guy has a great voice! He sings so good live :)

Anouk - also a Dutch singer. She is famous for many years now in the Netherlands, but I heard she becoming famous in America also so that's great! The first video is really old, I believe it's from 1997, but I love the song. The second video is one of her latest singles, great song!

Sara Bareilles - you might know her from her single 'love song' but she has also has other great songs!

And that's all! I hope I introduced you to some new bands and artists that you didn't knew before you visited my blog!
Have fun listening :)


2 opmerkingen:

Leanne zei

Oooh ik wil ook naar dat festival!
Jij woont toch in Hengelo?
Dan ga ik er heen, want ik woon in Enschede :)

Joni zei

I thought I was the only one left who liked The Corrs ^_^