dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

outfit and hair.

First about the photo;
I had like a really good-hairday haha, so I tried some new coupes. this one is the only one that turned out well :P I like it when my hair has a bit curls, well not really curls but more like waves :)

And this is the outfit I wore a few days ago :)
Oh btw, today was my first schoolday! I was too late (oohh that's typical me) but I didn't miss anything so that's okay. I like my class, I'm still have the same subjects as my friends so that's really nice!

Like my new banner? ^^ I thought it was time for something new, something more simple so I made this one.

4 opmerkingen:

Heybigtrender zei

love your hair and your outfit!! and your new banner looks sweeeet.

crash division zei

Nice scarf!


sweet banner! youve gorge thick hair

smurfkuh zei

dat tasje is leuk!!
ik kom ook altijd te laat op school.. morgen eerste dag.. -__-