zondag 3 augustus 2008

strike a pose baby.

haha today I went to our attic, to search for some cool stuff, and what did I found?

1. many photograph albums
2. A flash for my camera
3. A cute old camera
4. A loooot of dust haha

My father gave me a non-digital SLR a few months ago, but it didn't work so I put it in the bag again and didn't look back at it. Till today! I thought it would be funny to make some pictures with 3 camera's in my hands haha. And yeah, that's quite difficult :P
Haha look at my "wtf am I supposed to do with three camera's :O"-face.

Oooh and a few days ago I found these really cute little clogs. Perhaps you know that clogs are really characteristic for the Netherlands, some people think we all wear them here. That's sooo not true hehe.

But well I made a necklace of them!
Ahh isn't it cute <3>
oh btw, you should really listen to 'The last shadow Puppets', especially when you like the Kooks, arctic Monkeys and all that sort of Indie-music :)
Besides that, I'm really addicted to Coldplay. I listened their album X&Y like whole summer. Download it, buy it, borrow it but in all cases; LISTEN it haha :D

With love,

6 opmerkingen:

LiNDZ! zei

i would love to live someplace exotic like the netherlands!! I love the kooks and coldplay, so ill check that song out.

HeyBigTrender zei

wow! what have we got here! an armful of cameras ^-^ looks like you will be having tons of fun busying yoruself with your cool new cameras!

OhxRomance zei

Funny picture ^^
And I'm so jealous! So many cameras!

ambika zei

You know, I got something like this for my mom when I was in Amsterdam. I'll have to tell her to use them as a pendant.

jann. zei

Oude fotocamera's zijn leeeeeuk !
En the kooks, arctic monkeys én the last shadow puppets ook ahja !

B zei

My mum and my dad both have non-digital cameras which I can use. Haha, funny picture. And that necklace turned out very cute!