zondag 17 augustus 2008


Wiehoeee, yesterday I recieved my first award! I got it from Cheapthrillsss, thank you so much! <3>

well, the ruuuules (why are there always rules? xD):
1 when you receive a diamond, make a post of it
2 name the blogger from whom you got it from
3 award the diamond to seven other spiffy bloggers
4 link em
5 then tell them they got it

Award the diamond to seven other bloggers? that's too difficult! But I'll do my best :)

I award the diamond to:
Fashionfillers; she has a great style, I'm jealous on her shoe collection and I love her blog!
Lisaplace; Her outfits are amazing and she posts lots of nice pictures :)
Sea of shoes; I discovered her blog like a week ago, but it's so nice! And look at her shoe collection! :O
Crashdivision; A nice blog and I love she posts the pictures she finds on the internet!

Hmm yes, I know, not 7 bloggers.. but I want to give the award to a blog that I really often look at, not to just a blogger I barely know.
And cheaptrills already got a award soooo these are the 4 bloggers I've awarded xD

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crash division zei

Wow, than you, I feel honoured!