zondag 28 september 2008

coloured legs&a black and white photo.

And another update! I'm gonna try to update la mode-rétro everyday, or at least 4 times in the week haha.

I just found this great video, from American Apparel (why don't we have that shop here, whyyy?)

Check it out!

and a new photograph I toke a few days ago:

Model is my sister!


zaterdag 27 september 2008

I have high heels. Very, very high.

The topshop heels have arrived!
And they're sooo high. hahah.

Watch and be impressed:

The heels are 10/11 cm high. And that's very high for me xD My feet hurt already, but it's sooo worth it.

What do you think?:D


vrijdag 26 september 2008

It was acceptable in the 70's.

Today I discovered I love roller-skates.
And I found these in a online shop, look:

Aren't they amazing? ooh I would love to go to some kind of a roller-skate disco and do silly dancemoves all night long! And ofcourse I would wear a glittersuit or something with extremely flashy tights and that sort of stuff. haha xD
Now I got to find:
1. a roller-skate disco
2. people that want to go with me, I'm not gonna dance all alone xD
3. Cute roller-skates in my size (these are a 39, too bad)
4. A glittersuit

Wish me luck hehe.


woensdag 17 september 2008

I want I want I want..


1. Black heels with laces;
2. Black gladiator heels (something like this);
3. A long black or grey cardigan;
4. this dress <3>

5. money to buy it all xD

Allrighty, I'm gonna order the first heels with laces :D the other ones I want too, but my mother think I don't need sandals in the winter. Yes I do! I can wear them with tights, right? And I don't care I'm cold when I look beautiful haha.
But she have the money and I don't, sooo I guess she wins.
The long cardigan is sold out in my size, too bad :( And the dress! ooh that dress! I tried it on in the shop, and it suited! but I didn't buy it 'cause I was afraid it was a bit too.. chic for school, that I looked like a housekeeper haha xD But now I just really want it, but I still haven't got money aaand in the online shop it's also sold out in my size. Nooo! Maybe it's still in the shop here in the city. But I can't buy it 'cause I'm just totally BROKE. And I have to save money because we're going to Amsterdam in the fall-break.
Ahh, the frustration!

Oh! What I dó get is a wetlook legging/leather legging. Yay.
I ordered it by the H&M quite a long time ago, but it was out of stock so it will be mine at the end of october. Can't wait!


woensdag 10 september 2008

Please vote! <3


I'm joining a photochallenge, so it would be great if you would vote for my photo! :D


that's the link :) I think it's only for Dutch people, but I guess they wouldn't notice it when foreigners also vote for me =')


vrijdag 5 september 2008

Sequin skirt.

Just some try-outs!
Tell me which one's your favourite!

post #50

Whiehoe, I reached post nr. 50, aren't you proud of me? :P

I toke a lot of photo's this week and last week :D