vrijdag 26 september 2008

It was acceptable in the 70's.

Today I discovered I love roller-skates.
And I found these in a online shop, look:

Aren't they amazing? ooh I would love to go to some kind of a roller-skate disco and do silly dancemoves all night long! And ofcourse I would wear a glittersuit or something with extremely flashy tights and that sort of stuff. haha xD
Now I got to find:
1. a roller-skate disco
2. people that want to go with me, I'm not gonna dance all alone xD
3. Cute roller-skates in my size (these are a 39, too bad)
4. A glittersuit

Wish me luck hehe.


3 opmerkingen:

Leanne zei

I love them<3
And a rollerskate disco would be fun! :D

Jantine zei

I doe met je meeee! :D
Ik vind ze heel tof :) Waar heb je ze gevonden? ;


Anoniem zei

die hebben we thuis,
niemand doet er iets mee,
en mij zijn ze te klein.. (heb bigfoot voetten..)