zondag 12 oktober 2008

Exciting news!


You might think; what's going on with that good intention to update more often?
Yeah, me too. I don't know why but I haven't got.. inspiration and time to post interesting things, I guess.
But well, I have some very exciting news to tell you! Maybe some of you know that I join a photography-challenge, and the first prices have been given away! Because I was in the top 5 on 9 October, I can go to Amsterdam on the 16th. There is a photo-auction of photo's famous dutch women have taken, and a party afterwards.
And after the party I'm going to stay there in a hotel, and the next day I'm free from school and my mom and I are going to take some photo's en shop a littlebit in Amsterdam. Isn't that great!?
And perhaps I can meet Carice van Houten (Also a bit famous in America, maybe someone know her?) and other famous people :D
The only bad thing about this whole story is that I'll miss the schoolfeast, too bad. But this is way cooler haha.

And now, I want to show some photo's I made yesterday in the forest with a friend!

Wanna see more? http://Glambition.deviantart.com/gallery
I love autumn so much! The colours, the falling leaves, and it was totally not cold yesterday. Stunning.


4 opmerkingen:

geri zei

such cute pictures!!!

Joni zei

the last photo makes me smile

Mirthe zei

Hoe krijg jij de kleuren zo mooi:)

Isa zei