donderdag 13 november 2008

the day before yesterday and yesterday's outfits.

Wooh, that's a long title xD
I don't know if 'the day before yesterday' means the word that I mean in dutch, buuut that doesn't matter. You all know what I mean, I guess.

Lalala, the following weeks are all party hardyyy. Since I'm in the party committee of my school, I plan and arrange the schoolparty's with 14 other people (I don't know for sure it's 14 people but well). So in 2 weeks we have a beachparty, for all the little new boys and girls on my school :P The day after that me and my friends are going to a hockeyparty (theme is: American highschool, anyone ideas for a nice costume?). Next week; another schoolparty, the week after that week; again: a schoolparty. And on 5 december it's Sinterklaas here! Ohh maybe I'll do a sinterklaas-special for the foreign visiters of my blog who don't know Sinterklaas. (so please comment if you don't know Sinterklaas :D) And theeeen it's almost Christmas! I love christmas :D and don't forget new year's eve!

I think I need some new clothes for all that special party's, don't you think? :P

Anyway, enough with the talking, here are the outfits:

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Leanne zei

De titel klopt ja xD

rachel zei

je eerste outfit is leeeuk!

Mirthe zei

Heel erg leuk! xxx