zaterdag 29 november 2008

wishlist: a new computer?

I'm so sorry I didn't post in a while. It's because my own computer is broke, so I can't put my outfits on the computer and I can't use photoshop :( I miss it!
And my brother is too lazy to fix it. grr.
Untill the wonderfull day my computer is working well again, you have to do it with some other posts.

But I have a photo! This is my wish list for Sinterklaas, which is 5 december.


4 opmerkingen:

Mirthe zei

Hahaha ik wil Paolo Nutini ook wel van Sinterklaas hebben(A)
Leuk! Ik heb nu weer inspiratie voor m'n eigen lijstje.

mariekee zei

paolo nuttini is zoo rawr Ö

Jantine zei

Haha jij hebt er werk van gemaakt ;p

Noor zei

wauwie, wat leuk gedaan!