woensdag 31 december 2008

Aurora Borealis.

Half an hour ago I saw a documentary about a woman that wanted to see the Northern Lights, also called 'Aurora Borealis'.
And ohhh it's so so sooo beautiful. I want to see it too, ever. I think it would be so.. overwhelming to see it with your own eyes.

oh and of course: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
What are you gonna wear on New year's Eve?


Au revoir.

maandag 29 december 2008

New year's eve dress.

Can't wait! this is my dress, bought it today at the H&M.


At the comments, Tina told me she saw the same dress on Ashley Tisdale and Nicky Hilton. So I started to search, et voilà:

Yeah baby, that's cool.

vrijdag 26 december 2008


Two new photographes, both self-portrait's.

Love, M.

donderdag 25 december 2008


First of all (a bit late, I know)

And I hope you all have a very happy, fashionable, fotogenic, loving new year <3

Then, my christmas make-up and outift:

Love, M.

woensdag 24 december 2008


Today in the spotlight:


Her blog is amazing, it's all about weddings and getting married. But nót the traditional way! If you wanna marry the new and unique way, you GOT to check out this blog. But if you're a young girl like me, and you don't plan to get married during the next 5 years, it's also great to read!

Arnhems Meisje is getting married in 1 year, 9 months and a few days (on 10-10-2010). That looks quite far away, but the clock is ticking and she doesn't have a partner yet! She has a whole list of potential husbands, and that list keeps enlarging. Very fun to see and read!

Check it out!


You could be happy

Well, I asked around a bit, and I'm gonna do it. I also gonna make labels, so you can find the post you're searching for easily back ^^


Snow Patrol - You could be happy

I love this song, it's so beautiful.

I get so much inspiration out of songs. When I see a title or when I hear a lyric, I immediately see the photo in my head.


lalala I got an idea :)
Every week I'm gonna do a music-special. With every week another song or singer, hopefully ones that you didn't know before ^^ Let's say.. every Wednesday?
That's one part of my idea. The other part is that I make a few days in the week fashionday, so outfits, clothes I love etc., and other days for photography. Otherwise I won't upload that often, because I just forget to update or I don't know what to post.

Nice idea? You gotta like it, after all haha. So tell me!

Love, M.

Pageviews on my dA per day: 7.15

zaterdag 20 december 2008

Is it a shoe? Is it a bag..? I don't know, but it is UGLY.

What's more fun then watching weird ugly shoes/bags/other accessories and laugh at them :)

To begin with: this bag/shoe-thing. I don't really know whát it is, but it's certainly weird (and kinda ugly too)

Then this 'thing', also called Cruggs (Crocs/Uggs). Who would EVER think of making something like that? It's.. it's.. disgusting.

This shoe, is quite funny. ánd it has 2 benefits: when you're very small, no longer with this shoes :D and you always have our little dear friend Pikachu with you <3

Oh my god. I have just one thing to say to this pants: U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi. you're ugly yeah yeah you're ugly.

Hmmm don't like this either. 1. it has a really weird shape, what is it? Pyjama's? a tee? a raincoat? and 2. the colours! eww.

And then, the notorious shuttershades. Never liked it, there's just no. point. in. wearing. it. 'cause does it protect your eyes against UV? no it doesn't. Is it beautiful? No it isn't. Do you look totally awesome with shuttershades? No you don't.
Yeah, you understand I hated the whole shuttershades trend. but but but, look at these ones. THEY'RE EVEN UGLIER :D

Hahaha these shoes are actually really smart. 'cause celebrity's don't have to drag along a cute little dog with them anymore, when they are wearing these shoes! It's hairy, black, and mainly very very weird.

Hahaha I guess we have enough laughing material now xD
What do you think, what is just a really ugly shoe/bag/other thing? tell me :)

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vrijdag 19 december 2008

I wish I could fly..

Last night my mom, sister and I were watching a concert of Marco Borsato (dutch famous singer) on the television. It's called "Wit Licht", (that means "White light" in English haha) and oh my god it was so cool! Especially the end, when he flies over the whole audience. I just stared to the telly, my eyes wide open.

This is the best video I could find on youtube. I couldn't find the one I saw, I guess it's not on dvd already or something.
But jeeeez I want to do that too! Wouldn't it be AMAZING to do such a thing?


ps. Oh and from now on I'm going to post my pageviews per day on my deviantart here. (http://Glambition.deviantart.com) Just for myself, so I can see how the number (hopefully) grows haha.

Pageviews on my dA per day: 7.11

maandag 15 december 2008


photograph taken by me.

"It’s funny how a photograph can take you back in time
to places and e
mbraces that you thought you left behind"

zondag 14 december 2008

tagged and outfit

I got tagged by www.thinkinpink.nl,

6 unimportant things that make you happy

1. Taking the pérfect photograph.
2. Singing with the hairspray in my hand, dancing in my room, act like I'm a singer/moviestar.
3. Comments on my blog or deviantart, knowing that someone like what you've made, that someone appreciate it :)
4. When everyone stand up and applausse after a show in a big theatre.
5. People that don't know you, compliment you with your clothes.
6. Seeing my best friend perform with her band, I'm so proud of her :)

and a outfit from a few weeks ago:

zaterdag 13 december 2008

Answer time part 2.

What is your favourite movie and why?
Hmm I don't have one fav. Oh yeah I think I have: Hairspray! whoeh I love the songs, and the dances and everything :) I'm really into musicalmovie's, High School Musical (yeah how childish) is also nice. And of course all the romantic comedy's and girly movie's (Mean girls etc).

Can you please update more often? Haha, yes I wish I could. But sometimes I think: allright, whát can I write.. maybe you can say what you like to read and see!

do u have an email to contact you with? to chat, anyway?
Well, I have a hotmail account, but I'm afraid that when I put in on my blog, I'm gonna get sooo much spam. But I'll send you a message with my email, if you want :)

how many languages do u speak, and how well/fluently?
On school I have: Dutch, English, French and Latin. Last year I also had old Greek and German. Of course I speak Dutch fluently, English I can speak well (don't know how fluently hehe), French I can understand and speak a little, but certainly not fluently and Latin you just can´t speak haha. I do understand German too, and speak it a bit, but I didn´t like the language so I quitted it this schoolyear. And old Greek: horrible. hated it :P
what camera do you use,is it recommended for begginging photographers? and how long have you been interested in photography?
I use a Canon EOS 450D with a 18-55 mm lens. I love it! It's my first DSLR, but very nice to work with. But it's expensive so I don't know if I would have bought it if I didn't photograph so much. For this camera, I had a Samsung NV10, also really nice, small and black :D
Since 2 years I'm interested in photography. Well, I loved it before, but since then I really began photographing. I got that Samsung when I turned 14 (In 3 months I'm 16 now).

where did you learn to be such a good photog? (ive seen your deviant art! gorgeous!)
Aw thanks girl! I didn't learn it somewhere haha, I just tried everything, toke A LOT of pictures, and practiced, practiced, practiced ^^

Where do you get inspiration for your photo's?
Sometimes I just see something and I think: YES, that's it! But I also browse deviantart a lot, there are wonderfull photographs there <3 style="font-weight: bold;">How do you edit your photo's?
I use Photoshop CS3. and I recommend to download it, instead of buying it, 'cause it's SUPER expensive haha. (oh oh how illegal..) and I mainly use selective coloring, sharpening, curves and desaturate ^^

et voilà! All the questions are answered, it were a lot of questions haha. Really cool :D

vrijdag 12 december 2008

Answer time part 1.

I was afraid I wouldn't get any questions, but some of you were very enthusiastic sooo here are all the answers (I'm sorry if my english isn't totally right. Because almost everyone asked their questions in dutch I had to translate them, I hope I did well :P)

What sort of music do you listen to?
Difficult question, I love music and I listen to almost everything (except for hardcore, jumpstyle etc.) But I like pop, rock, and indie(rock) the most :) some favourite singers/bands: Paolo Nutini, Justin Nozuka, the Foo fighters, the Kooks, Voicst, Norah Jones, Groove Armada and a loooot more.

What is your favourite piece out your wardrobe?
I love my new topshop dress (you'll see photo's soon), the New look dress I showed the last post, my high heels from topshop, my denim dress and don't forget my black cardigan and black flats (ohh buys of the year, wear them A LOT)

Do you spend all your money at one moment, or a bit then, and a bit then etc.
I'm not very good with money, a few months ago I had 150 euro's, and I went to Amsterdam, two times. You might know what I thought: SHOP TILL YOU DROP!
but after that month I discovered I bought really, really much. oops. But well, clothes make me happy so it's all for a good cause :P
What is your favourite outfit?
I don't really have one favourite I guess. But my new favourite outfit is the one that I wear right now! I didn't have time to make a picture already, 'cause it's brand new, but I can describe it: black flats (you can also wear it with black heels), black tights, new topshop dress, black cardigan and waistbelt with huge buckle.

Have you ever wore something, from which you now think: 'oops..'? (bad bad translation, sorry xD)
Hmm I think so haha. Jeans that are very baggy and just DON'T FIT, par example.

What do you dislike?
I suppose you mean what sort of clothes/accessoires I dislike? Well, I hate shuttershades. Awful. And I also don't like very bright neon-colours.

Do you prefer biking to school with rain, or in the wind's eye?
With wind! Rain makes my hair very frizzy, and my bang looks really weird after a big shower. Luckily my school is just 2 minutes away from my home, yay.

Are you a morning person or a evening person?
A evening person, definitely! I hate waking up very early, in the week-ends I sleep till 11 am, or later :P And I don't have to go to bed early, I'm just not tired at half past 9. And I like the night/evening, there are nice programmes on the telly, everyone is home, you can go to party's.. and it's very weird, but when I'm going to bed, my hair looks great! and when I wake up it often looks like shit :P

What are you favourite shops/brands - do you have any?
I love the H&M and Topshop, I have lots of clothes from the H&M, and three things from topshop (but I'm sure that's become more and more). I also like Zara, great clothes and shoes! :)

Allrighty, this was part 1.
Part 2 is coming tonight or tomorrow I guess. And lala, I have photoshop on this computer again (my own is still broken :() sooo I can upload pictures again! here's my current shoe collection:

I really need MORE heels. seriously. Oh and I see my boots are missing.

vrijdag 5 december 2008

yeah, it's..

If you have a question for me, now it's the time to ask it!
Ask everything you wanna know from me, and I'll answer :D

Oh and I have received the most beautiful dress, bought on ebay:

(not my own picture)


donderdag 4 december 2008

The perfect boy?

Fashion and boys go perfectly together haha.

woensdag 3 december 2008

Save him.

I love love love this song, I´m so addicted to it, I listen it all the time.
It´s such a beautiful song, read the lyrics too!


She loves him more he loves her more
Seems like they aint never let each other go
Laughin and kissin it's a match made in heaven
Behind the rings on their fingers imprints the ink deep in the inner
That has stained their souls' together now
Stained 'soul mates' forever now
Seems like they've made it to the other side
Where the grass is greener and the sky is always blue
And it goes on forever and forever but there is only room for two
Deep at night I'm awakened from my dreams
Next door yelling cries mercy she is begging please
'Don't end my life your all I need and darlin I will never leave never leave'
And then she prayed on her knees
She said

'Save him, save him from the hand that beats me on'(3x)
'Save him, save him from the hand that beats you on'

Dark clouds cover her paradise
She covers her eyes and hides
Behind enemy lines
And she walks through the night with her child in her arms She's thrown back hostaged
You see twenty years ago
When she was just ten years old
Lost in imagination
She was left alone
And Paps had nothing to let his anger on
Oh he beat her cold
She used to prey on her knees
She said


Deep at night I'm awakened from my dreams
Next door
Yellin cries mercy she's beggin please
- "get up get up"
He brings her to her feet and smacks her down till she falls to the ground
Oh and over and over again
He brings her to her feet till she can no longer stand
Oh and still the beating never ends
Oh on and on and on it goes
Until he brings out a gun
And says to her
"Stop crying and bring me my son"

She cries harder and harder
He cries harder and harder
She says
"Baby please don't don't do this"
Oh two shots to her chest
And a blow to his own head
She quickly loses breath
And blood rushes to their bed
And baby cries he cries his eyes out


She loves him more he loves her more
Seems like they ain't never let each other go
Laughin and kissin
It's a match made in heaven

Ahh I found this live version, it's even more beautiful. Can you feel the emotion in his voice?