vrijdag 12 december 2008

Answer time part 1.

I was afraid I wouldn't get any questions, but some of you were very enthusiastic sooo here are all the answers (I'm sorry if my english isn't totally right. Because almost everyone asked their questions in dutch I had to translate them, I hope I did well :P)

What sort of music do you listen to?
Difficult question, I love music and I listen to almost everything (except for hardcore, jumpstyle etc.) But I like pop, rock, and indie(rock) the most :) some favourite singers/bands: Paolo Nutini, Justin Nozuka, the Foo fighters, the Kooks, Voicst, Norah Jones, Groove Armada and a loooot more.

What is your favourite piece out your wardrobe?
I love my new topshop dress (you'll see photo's soon), the New look dress I showed the last post, my high heels from topshop, my denim dress and don't forget my black cardigan and black flats (ohh buys of the year, wear them A LOT)

Do you spend all your money at one moment, or a bit then, and a bit then etc.
I'm not very good with money, a few months ago I had 150 euro's, and I went to Amsterdam, two times. You might know what I thought: SHOP TILL YOU DROP!
but after that month I discovered I bought really, really much. oops. But well, clothes make me happy so it's all for a good cause :P
What is your favourite outfit?
I don't really have one favourite I guess. But my new favourite outfit is the one that I wear right now! I didn't have time to make a picture already, 'cause it's brand new, but I can describe it: black flats (you can also wear it with black heels), black tights, new topshop dress, black cardigan and waistbelt with huge buckle.

Have you ever wore something, from which you now think: 'oops..'? (bad bad translation, sorry xD)
Hmm I think so haha. Jeans that are very baggy and just DON'T FIT, par example.

What do you dislike?
I suppose you mean what sort of clothes/accessoires I dislike? Well, I hate shuttershades. Awful. And I also don't like very bright neon-colours.

Do you prefer biking to school with rain, or in the wind's eye?
With wind! Rain makes my hair very frizzy, and my bang looks really weird after a big shower. Luckily my school is just 2 minutes away from my home, yay.

Are you a morning person or a evening person?
A evening person, definitely! I hate waking up very early, in the week-ends I sleep till 11 am, or later :P And I don't have to go to bed early, I'm just not tired at half past 9. And I like the night/evening, there are nice programmes on the telly, everyone is home, you can go to party's.. and it's very weird, but when I'm going to bed, my hair looks great! and when I wake up it often looks like shit :P

What are you favourite shops/brands - do you have any?
I love the H&M and Topshop, I have lots of clothes from the H&M, and three things from topshop (but I'm sure that's become more and more). I also like Zara, great clothes and shoes! :)

Allrighty, this was part 1.
Part 2 is coming tonight or tomorrow I guess. And lala, I have photoshop on this computer again (my own is still broken :() sooo I can upload pictures again! here's my current shoe collection:

I really need MORE heels. seriously. Oh and I see my boots are missing.

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