vrijdag 19 december 2008

I wish I could fly..

Last night my mom, sister and I were watching a concert of Marco Borsato (dutch famous singer) on the television. It's called "Wit Licht", (that means "White light" in English haha) and oh my god it was so cool! Especially the end, when he flies over the whole audience. I just stared to the telly, my eyes wide open.

This is the best video I could find on youtube. I couldn't find the one I saw, I guess it's not on dvd already or something.
But jeeeez I want to do that too! Wouldn't it be AMAZING to do such a thing?


ps. Oh and from now on I'm going to post my pageviews per day on my deviantart here. (http://Glambition.deviantart.com) Just for myself, so I can see how the number (hopefully) grows haha.

Pageviews on my dA per day: 7.11

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wat bedoel je met: oh my god I was so cool? wat deed jij dan? :P