maandag 29 december 2008

New year's eve dress.

Can't wait! this is my dress, bought it today at the H&M.


At the comments, Tina told me she saw the same dress on Ashley Tisdale and Nicky Hilton. So I started to search, et voilà:

Yeah baby, that's cool.

8 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

made by me!

love, A.

Mirthe zei

Wauw, super!

Tina zei

Looks great on you! (Btw: I think I saw the same dress on Nicky Hilton and Ashley Tisdale^^)

rachel zei

Hij is zooo mooi hé!

Heybigtrender zei

that is awesome! i love how it fits you!

Jantine zei

Hij is echt leuk :)
Fijne jaarwisseling dan hihi

Jennifer zei

oehh dat jurkje is echt leuk!!

Jennifer zei

kwam deze trouwens van de gewonen h&m of van de divided