zaterdag 28 juni 2008

Prom dress.

I guess you guys have never seen my vintage prom dress. Or maybe you have, but whatever. I made some extra photos of it!
The first two pictures I made yesterday :) The third photo is the oldest, and wow, I'm really pale there!

I bought it half a year ago in Amsterdam, by Laura Dols (wonderfull vintage shop, if you ever visit Amsterdam; go there!) First I thought it was way too big, but it fits perfectly and I felt really nice in it so we bought it haha.


vrijdag 27 juni 2008


I'm tagged by Hanne from! :)

The Rules: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Alphabeat - Go-go
2. Fiction Plane - drink
3. Duffy - Stepping stone
4. Coldplay - fix you
5. Foo Fighters - stranger things have happened
6. Paramore - Let the flames begin
7. Voicst - second blow

Oh it was really hard to pick just 7 songs, I love so much other songs! But in this musicans/bands I am really into right now! :)
I'm sorry, but I'm not tagging other people. I think the most people I know already have been tagged. :P


dinsdag 24 juni 2008

New outfits.

Here some new outfits :) By the second one I wear white flats and by the third one I wear black flats, too bad you can't see them on the picture :P


vrijdag 20 juni 2008

Shopping at Oma's <3

Last week I went to my oma (that's the Dutch word for Grandma :)) She has lots of vintage scarfs and she gave me these 3 beautiful one's :D The shoes are also from my grandma, she had never wore them, so now they're mine! Instead of the normal shoelaces, I put ribbons in it, that makes it a bit more different and feminine ^^


woensdag 18 juni 2008

Canon EOS 450D <3

Yaaaay! I have a new camera! :D
It's the Canon EOS 450D, oooh I love it so much! <333 height="360" width="450">


prikprik. by ~Glambition on deviantART

And this is a picture of me with my new best friend :P

dinsdag 17 juni 2008

And your eyes were ocean blue.

Look how my nailpolish matches with my outfit of today :) Isn't this color really cool? <3 I think it's a bit.. ocean-blue. Not totally blue, but also not totally green. Like green-blue.
And see how it looks in the sunlight on the second picture, so shiny!

zaterdag 14 juni 2008

Looking for love.

A few days ago I bought these loooovely sunglasses. My friends thought I was crazy buying them, but I really like them :)
I really have to go to the hairdresser haha, my bang is way too long xD

Piece of today's outfit, I love to combine different bracelets :)

zondag 8 juni 2008


I love kohlpencils, they are so multifunctional.. you can make up your eyes with it (ofcourse), paint your lips black, write notes (yeah I've done that one time xD), trow them at someone, make art with them, use them just for filling up your make-upbox, lose them easily, make pictures of them, buy lots of them 'cause they aren't that expensive, make a painting, take them to school..
I always use it when I wanna make a photo of my eyes :) I made this one today, click the link and you'll see it!

With love,

dinsdag 3 juni 2008

I love dresses <3

hello hello!

I really have to update more often, I think I'm bad in keeping web-logs active xD But I'll try!
Yesterday the weather was Beautiful, with a capitel B. In fact, it was so hot, that I could wear my cute little dress that I bought a few weeks ago :D First I had also a longsleeve on, but in the afternoon it was SO warm, I just toke it off :)
Too bad I had detention (I was 4 times too late for classes, and that means you have to work an hour after your last class has finished) but the good thing was a really good friend of me also were 4 times too late, so it was quite pleasant to clean up the fields around the school hehe ^^

I also made some other outfits with 2 dresses :)

You can't see the whole dress on the first one, too bad 'cause it's so cute.
I think the second look is a bit.. moviestar-ish. With my hair to the back, shiny glasses and a Marilyn Monroe-like dress :)
The last dress is actually from my mother, she bought it today. But I fit it also so I made a combination with it ^^
By the way, don't mind the wound on my knee.. I fell of my bike wednesday and it still hurts :( oh and everybody saying it's looking so scary and gross. And i'm like: "yeah, duhh. I can see that too, you idiots" hehe maybe I'm just tired of it, hearing it 1000 times a day.

with love!