zondag 27 juli 2008

Bless H&M.

Hoooooraaaay, I'm so happy! They finally heard my prayers! At first they only had shoes up to size 40, and what's my size? right; 41. I saw all those people buying the most beautiful H&M shoes, and I couldn't buy them :( But a few minutes ago I discovered that they also have size 41 now! Isn't that great!? :D
Maybe I'm going to buy the black heels that you can see in my collage ^^

Tonight we're going out for dinner 'cause we are together again after 3 weeks (my brother wasn't with us to France) and the outfit on the left is the outfit I'm gonna wear tonight :)
The one on the right I did wear today.


H&M new collection.

I love it! <3

I made this collage :) I wanna buy everything haha!


zaterdag 26 juli 2008



As I promised, here are my new clothes and stuff I bought in France :)

left: outfit with new top with vest and sequined baret, right: denim dress

new shoes with my heart shaped sunglasses ^^
studded purse

And my parents were so kind, they went to the Sephora and bought this for me :D

The lovely Sephora bag, a little make-up 'book' and my favourite: chocolat douche wash <3
The first three colors are eyeshadows, the second three are blushers and the last ones are for your lips.
On the second photo I did my eye with the eyeshadows. You can't see it reaaaly well, but hopefully good enough :P

Oh and did you see the new H&M collection for autumn? I loooove it! I want money to buy it all!


vrijdag 25 juli 2008

I'm back people!

Yay, I'm back in the wonderfull, flat, rainy Netherlands haha.
My vacation was reaaaaly nice, I've met so many nice people and every evening it was so pleasant. All the teenagers came to the ping-pong tables to chat, ping-pong and laugh :) I ate delicious ice creams, practiced my english (I had a German 'boyfriend' and 2 other friends from the UK), even practiced my French a little bit :P, took a looot of pictures (you will see them soon), shopped (sale! sale! saaale!) and much more!

Soon I'm gonna show you the photo's and tell you some nice stories but now I'm gonna sleep 'cause it's midnight and I have sat more then twelve hours in the car..

Oh btw, I bought a sequin black cap, a purse with studs, a cute top with a grey vest attached to it, a denim dress, and red shoes that I wanted for a loooong time :)


zondag 6 juli 2008

nailpolish addict.

Hmmm I love taking pictures of my eye and then drastically photoshop them :P

Here is a photograph I toke today :)

And a nailpolish I bought a few days ago, love it!

Tomorrow I'm going to France sooo I think you won't hear from me for 3 weeks haha. I don't know if I have internet there, if I have, I will update once or twice to tell you how I'm doing :)



And again, I'm tagged! By Marthe Sophie this time.

5 things found in my bag
1. pyjamas trousers
2. nailpolish remover
3. 4 different colours nailpolish
4. some wires for my mobile phone, Ipod, camera etc.
5. 5 euro cent xD
(I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so that's why I've that weird stuff in my bag :P)

5 things found in my wallet
1. some coupons
2. ID card
3. two pictures of me with a friend
4. A coin, coming from Trier :)
5. 1 euro cent (haha, the rest of my money is all over my desk :P)

5 favourite things in my room
1. my bed
2. my computer
3. my camera
4. my wardrobe
5. my curtains

5 things I want to do right now
1. sleep (zzz zzz zzz..)
2. go on vacation (tomorrow!)
3. watch an episode of Heroes
4. take pictures
5. just sit here and listen to music and chat with my friends

5 things I'm currently into
1. photography
2. Heroes
3. polish my nails (don't know if that is the right verb :P)
4. blue/green nailpolish
5. shopping

5 impressions of the girl who tagged me
1. unusual, beautiful name
2. she has a cute dog
3. great outfits
4. She is pretty
5. She is not afraid to be different :)

Whoeh, it looks like I'm a sort of.. nailpolish-addict. And I've to admit; I am xD
Oke oke, this time I'm tagging people!

I'm tagging.. Benedicte, Tess, Renée, cheapthrillsss aaaand Agnethe


donderdag 3 juli 2008

new outfits.

Three new outfits! By the second one I used my tutu skirt as a top ^^

Oh btw, monday the 7th I'm going for three weeks to France! I probably update la-mode-retro once or twice before that date, but I'm saying it now just in case ^^ I'm not going to update when I'm there, or maybe one message that I'm okay haha. I'm reeeally looking forward to it, I love camping!


Talent: making a mess


Omg, I am a bit ashamed with this photo xD I really have a talent for making my room a big mess in no-time. Books, clothes, shoes, underwear (eww), papers, bags.. it's all over my floor. My mom often say that I have to clean up, but I ignore that until it's becoming a REALLY big mess and I can't reach my computer. When I hardly can reach my computer; it's serious hehe.

hehe it would be funny if I take a picture of my room everyday. You would see how the mess grows xD
And then, suddenly; it's all clean and bright! I couldn't reach my computer :)