woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Photo and fashion

New outfit! My mother made the skirt, haha at first I wanted to make it for myself, but I totally forgot about it. So my mother finished it :P
I like it!

I also have a new photo :) haha I wonder if you can see what's weird with this picture, tell me if you see it!

click for a bigger size! :)


dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

outfit and hair.

First about the photo;
I had like a really good-hairday haha, so I tried some new coupes. this one is the only one that turned out well :P I like it when my hair has a bit curls, well not really curls but more like waves :)

And this is the outfit I wore a few days ago :)
Oh btw, today was my first schoolday! I was too late (oohh that's typical me) but I didn't miss anything so that's okay. I like my class, I'm still have the same subjects as my friends so that's really nice!

Like my new banner? ^^ I thought it was time for something new, something more simple so I made this one.

zondag 17 augustus 2008


Wiehoeee, yesterday I recieved my first award! I got it from Cheapthrillsss, thank you so much! <3>

well, the ruuuules (why are there always rules? xD):
1 when you receive a diamond, make a post of it
2 name the blogger from whom you got it from
3 award the diamond to seven other spiffy bloggers
4 link em
5 then tell them they got it

Award the diamond to seven other bloggers? that's too difficult! But I'll do my best :)

I award the diamond to:
Fashionfillers; she has a great style, I'm jealous on her shoe collection and I love her blog!
Lisaplace; Her outfits are amazing and she posts lots of nice pictures :)
Sea of shoes; I discovered her blog like a week ago, but it's so nice! And look at her shoe collection! :O
Crashdivision; A nice blog and I love she posts the pictures she finds on the internet!

Hmm yes, I know, not 7 bloggers.. but I want to give the award to a blog that I really often look at, not to just a blogger I barely know.
And cheaptrills already got a award soooo these are the 4 bloggers I've awarded xD

listening to:
Leaf - Music

Le cantou <333

On my vacation in la France we went to the Collonges-la-Rouge, that's a cute little village with only red houses.
And in that cute little village there's a cute not-so-little shop! I toke some pictures to show you their lovely stuff. Sometimes I wish my room looks like this haha.

Click on the pictures to show a bigger one!

Adorable, non? :)

donderdag 14 augustus 2008


The shoes I bought for 1 euro! Is that cheap or is that cheap?
Cardigan is from H&M and the nailpolish is from Essence :)


woensdag 13 augustus 2008


Hi people!

Here are some pictures of my make-up and nailpolish collection ^^ The make-up isn't that much, 'cause I rather spend my money on clothes :)

I guess I have more make-up, somewhere :P


maandag 11 augustus 2008

Music, I'm so in love with my music

I loveee music. I listen it all day long; on the telly, on my phone, on my iPod, on my computer.. Or I play the piano or the guitar :) A several days ago I was by my best friend, she plays guitar in a band so I asked here to learn me something.

We're really a music-family; My father plays electric guitar, my brother can play electric guitar, bassguitar and a bit piano, my mother have played piano when she was younger, my sister plays saxophone and I play piano for four years now and since a few days I'm learning to play guitar :) I also love to sing, half a year ago I uploaded a video of me singing on youtube. Just wondering how people thought about my singing skills ^^
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM2R-HH2gUU (if you wanna listen to it and comment; great :D)

But now, I'm introducing you to my music taste!
Bands/artists I listen to (the bold type ones have commentary under them)

Coldplay, Leaf, Kelly Clarkson, Fiction Plane, the Kooks, the Feeling, Paolo Nutini, the Corrs, the last shadow Puppets, Krezip, Voicst, Norah Jones, Justin Nozuka, Foo fighters, Duffy, Anouk, Alphabeat, Paramore, Red hot Chili Peppers, Sara Bareilles and more!

Leaf - this is a Dutch band. They make great music, it's so happy. Really feeling-good music.

Paolo Nutini - I'm fan since the first time I heard him on MTV by Brand new. He has great songs, I know all the lyrics of them. And sorry, but I have to say it: he's really good-looking isn't he? I love him :D

The last shadow Puppets - Not many people know them, but if you like Indie and british accents, you will certainly like this band!

Krezip - Also a Dutch band, really famous here! The first song is so beautiful. As you can see on the video, almost everyone here knows it haha :) But that one is quite old, the second video is from their latest album, a more up-tempo song.

Voicst - A upcoming band in the Netherlands. Not much people know them (yet) but I guess they're gonna be big :) I'm going to see them on 6 September 'cause then there is a festival here in my city. Leaf is also coming, can't wait!

Justin Nozuka - this guy has a great voice! He sings so good live :)

Anouk - also a Dutch singer. She is famous for many years now in the Netherlands, but I heard she becoming famous in America also so that's great! The first video is really old, I believe it's from 1997, but I love the song. The second video is one of her latest singles, great song!

Sara Bareilles - you might know her from her single 'love song' but she has also has other great songs!

And that's all! I hope I introduced you to some new bands and artists that you didn't knew before you visited my blog!
Have fun listening :)


zondag 3 augustus 2008

strike a pose baby.

haha today I went to our attic, to search for some cool stuff, and what did I found?

1. many photograph albums
2. A flash for my camera
3. A cute old camera
4. A loooot of dust haha

My father gave me a non-digital SLR a few months ago, but it didn't work so I put it in the bag again and didn't look back at it. Till today! I thought it would be funny to make some pictures with 3 camera's in my hands haha. And yeah, that's quite difficult :P
Haha look at my "wtf am I supposed to do with three camera's :O"-face.

Oooh and a few days ago I found these really cute little clogs. Perhaps you know that clogs are really characteristic for the Netherlands, some people think we all wear them here. That's sooo not true hehe.

But well I made a necklace of them!
Ahh isn't it cute <3>
oh btw, you should really listen to 'The last shadow Puppets', especially when you like the Kooks, arctic Monkeys and all that sort of Indie-music :)
Besides that, I'm really addicted to Coldplay. I listened their album X&Y like whole summer. Download it, buy it, borrow it but in all cases; LISTEN it haha :D

With love,