zaterdag 29 november 2008

wishlist: a new computer?

I'm so sorry I didn't post in a while. It's because my own computer is broke, so I can't put my outfits on the computer and I can't use photoshop :( I miss it!
And my brother is too lazy to fix it. grr.
Untill the wonderfull day my computer is working well again, you have to do it with some other posts.

But I have a photo! This is my wish list for Sinterklaas, which is 5 december.


donderdag 13 november 2008

the day before yesterday and yesterday's outfits.

Wooh, that's a long title xD
I don't know if 'the day before yesterday' means the word that I mean in dutch, buuut that doesn't matter. You all know what I mean, I guess.

Lalala, the following weeks are all party hardyyy. Since I'm in the party committee of my school, I plan and arrange the schoolparty's with 14 other people (I don't know for sure it's 14 people but well). So in 2 weeks we have a beachparty, for all the little new boys and girls on my school :P The day after that me and my friends are going to a hockeyparty (theme is: American highschool, anyone ideas for a nice costume?). Next week; another schoolparty, the week after that week; again: a schoolparty. And on 5 december it's Sinterklaas here! Ohh maybe I'll do a sinterklaas-special for the foreign visiters of my blog who don't know Sinterklaas. (so please comment if you don't know Sinterklaas :D) And theeeen it's almost Christmas! I love christmas :D and don't forget new year's eve!

I think I need some new clothes for all that special party's, don't you think? :P

Anyway, enough with the talking, here are the outfits:

woensdag 12 november 2008

Who doesn't love inspiration?

So, here are my favourites!

donderdag 6 november 2008


Yeah I'm gonna show you all my things I bought since october :D

red tights


that's.. a lot xD
Tell me what ya think!


zondag 2 november 2008

My style mob

I have a stylemob account!

So add me as a friend and I'll see you there :)

Oh and I've received my Wreck This Journal! It's sooo nice, I immediately searched for al my pencils and started painting, sticking and coloring ^^ I'll post a few photo's later!