zaterdag 31 januari 2009

Today's outfit.

Wiehoe I received my Topshop heels. I love them, they're 12 cm high haha.
A self-made animation (don't mind the clock, don't know why it's in it :P)

zondag 25 januari 2009

Nothing but a song.

don't mind the stupid face :P
Got two oversized shirts yesterday, one's white and the other is white with blue striped (see outfit). Size XL haha. I love them.

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Yesterday's outift.

donderdag 22 januari 2009

Cute sneakers


I'm not a sneakergirl. Not at all.
BUT now I found sneakers I actually like, they're really cute :D

I like the last ones most :) which ones do you prefer?

Love, M.

zondag 18 januari 2009

new nailpolish

I received 5 new OPI nailpolishes. They are great :D My mother bought them somewhere online, but there was a problem with the order and blahblah, and FINALLY I have them :)

so, my OPI's and the rest of my stash.

vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Could it be january?

donderdag 15 januari 2009


"Shop till you drop
then find a cute guy
to help you up!"

The gossipgirl-boys (but eww look at 'Chuck''s belly :O)

Robert Pattinson, aka perfection.


Paolo Nutini

En thennn, some other cuties:

Aaah <3
Who is your favorite? (my commentbox is open for more photo's! haha)

Love, M.

dinsdag 13 januari 2009

Paolo Nutini - January.

Hey sweets,

I'm a HUGE fan of Paolo Nutini. I know the lyrics to almost all his songs, and I can't wait till his new album comes out :)

A few days ago I discovered this song on youtube, and now I'm totally addicted to it :O I listen it non-stop, seriously xD

Listen and enjoy!

zondag 11 januari 2009

Today's outfit.

This is my outfit of today! At first I didn't thought of mixing this two prints together, but I like it :)

Oh and btw, my little sister turned 13 today! happy birthday <3

oh and that reminds me of the fact I'm almost 16! yaaay. well I have to wait till the 1th of March, but it seems really close now. lalala can't wait.

Oh and btw, don't mind my expressionless face xD


wiehoeeee the text is red :D
okay. I'm acting way too stupid. stop Marjolein, stop.

Can't help it =')

zaterdag 10 januari 2009

sunny in the snow.

After my friend took this shot, I immediately put my coat and gloves on again, it was SO cold! -7 or -8 degrees Celcius! brr.
but it was totally worth it, 'cause look at that park! It's all snowy and <3

woensdag 7 januari 2009


I'm a fan of Coldplay, Chris Martin's voice is just a-ma-zing, I love it <3 I think he has one of the most beautiful voices in the music-world :)

Some of my favourite songs:

The hardest part


Violet Hill

Square one

All this songs remind me of the summerholiday in French. Driving trough the hills, sunny weather, looking trough the window and listening to Coldplay. I wanna go back :(


maandag 5 januari 2009

outfit of today.

haha I didn't wore the sunglasses today, but I love them and I haven't wore them before, so they deserved a place on this picture haha ^^

zaterdag 3 januari 2009


Made a collage today :)

Jenniffer Kae.

Whoops I forgot to post an music-post on Wednesday, and since I didn't toke any photographs, I'm gonna post some music today!

I love Jenniffer Kae! She is from Germany, and her songs are so nice :) I already introduced her to all my friends haha, but still not many people know her.

Hope you like it as much as I do!