zondag 11 januari 2009

Today's outfit.

This is my outfit of today! At first I didn't thought of mixing this two prints together, but I like it :)

Oh and btw, my little sister turned 13 today! happy birthday <3

oh and that reminds me of the fact I'm almost 16! yaaay. well I have to wait till the 1th of March, but it seems really close now. lalala can't wait.

Oh and btw, don't mind my expressionless face xD


wiehoeeee the text is red :D
okay. I'm acting way too stupid. stop Marjolein, stop.

Can't help it =')

5 opmerkingen:

CeriseRouge zei

IK vind hem cool!
Inderdaad niet direct voor de handliggende combi, maar wel mooi!

Nikki zei

Staat heel leuk!

Mirthe zei

Aaaah, super gecombineerd!

Ik heb je getagged!

www.martinemussies.nl zei

Echt een heel mooie outfit, well done!

Liefs van Martine

Anoniem zei

Die rok is zoo cool!
van waar heb je hem?