dinsdag 24 februari 2009

Dr. Martens sandals.

I saw these gladiator sandals in a magazine, and I think they're great! I don't like all the other Dr. Martens shoes, but these ones are actually really nice.

I also made a photo of the add in the magazine, so you can see how they look when someone has wears them.

Cool, right?

They also made me think of the Yves Saint Lauren Cage shoe, (which I do not like that much btw)

The Dr. Martens cost €109,90. Too bad they're quite expensive.
Do you like the Dr. Martens Hourglass buena strappy sandal? (pff what a name xD)

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zoe. zei

I didn't like the first photo of them, but seeing the 2nd photo changed my mind; they look great! I don't like the Yves Saint Laurent shoes one bit though!