vrijdag 13 februari 2009



Yeah! tomorrow I'm going towards the big snowy mountains!
I'm so looking forward to it, no more Nintendo Wii-skiing for me, I'm up for tha real thing.
butttt that also means I'm gonna leave you for 1 week :( but don't worry, I'll be back (hopefully with my legs and arms still intact)

But, I'm not gonna leave you with nothing. I have an outfit for you, yay xD

See you back in one week, have a great holiday!


4 opmerkingen:

Rosa zei

Nice outfit!

heleen db zei

ohhh supermooi jurkje, en leuk gecombineerd met de allstars!

zoe. zei

lovely, i gave you an award!

Fools Fashion zei

Deze is echt leuk