woensdag 25 maart 2009

Sunny mood

Last weekend it was fantastic weather, and today? IT RAINED! it's unfair :(
I started to listen happy, sunny music, and guess what, now the sun's shining again! yaaay.

So I collected my favourite happy, sunny, springy, theskyisblueandthegrassisgreen songs.

Jason Mraz - Who needs shelter
Good-day sunlight. I'd like to say how truly bright you are.You dont know me but I know you. You're my favorite star

Jason Mraz - Butterfly
Ahh this is such a nice song <3

Sandy Dane - Peace, love and Icecream
ahhh this song's titel is already perfect, and the song is nice too :D

Sara Bareilles - Any way the wind blows
I loveee this song. Last year I listened Sara's album all spring long, and especially this song makes me think of sun, long warm days, swimming, sunbathing and butterflies <3

Leaf - July
summer. festivals. friends. sun.

Empire Of The Sun - walking on a dream
Acting weird can make you so happy :D

The corrs - Summer Sunshine
yaaay. summer sunshine :D

Alphabeat - Go-go
Ofcourse Alphabeat can't be missing in this list. Great music!

The Kooks - Naive
Same story as 'any way the wind blows of Sara Bareilles'!

AND last but not least, my favourite boy: Paoloooo Nutiniiii.
And I swear, I'm gonna hit the guy who removed the UK music video of New shoes from youtube, I looove that video :(

So, tell me, what are your fav spring/summer songs? :D


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Jantine zei

Leuke liedjes!
En ja dat weer bij ons... Bahbahbah. Echt afschuwelijk!