dinsdag 31 maart 2009

Topshop goes American

Oh my god, look at this new Topshop store in NY city! It's fantastic!
All New york fashionista's: I'm officially jealous of you.

Photo's by WWD

5 opmerkingen:

Julie Maas zei

Hoe ongelofelijk cool!:O Ik wist het wel van het naar Amerika gaan maar dit! <3333

Raez zei

i just crapped my pants. LOL.

this is amazing. must go to newyork!

Mirthe zei

sick sick sick!:O

Joni zei

Oh dear God I think I'm in love...

Kimberley Denise zei

Well, it';s great that topshop is now in Newyork but the prices are like 30 procent higher!

It's fucking america! And it's higher then in UK.