donderdag 30 april 2009

I love ebay II

Won on ebay today :D It's so cute, I love it <3
I hope I can wear it as a dress, but I'm afraid it's a littlebit too short. But it's also nice as a tunic.

woensdag 29 april 2009

Keane - she has no time

Absolutely beautiful. it's just perfect <333

See by Chloé hippy top

Hey mates!

well, as you might know, my nickname is Hippy.
Ka chun, a good friend and loyal blog follower, made it up (thanks xD) and hmm yeah I like it.
soooo when I saw this See by Chloé top, I thought: omggg it's so perfect!

But, since I'm not someone who would spend €65,- on a tanktop, I used my photoshop-powers to make.. this! (click for bigger version)

So you, all my dear blogreaders, can make your own hippy top! And yes the headband is slightly different than the real one, because I used some patterns. But I like that :D
Good luck!


zondag 26 april 2009

I want I want I want.

H&M €39,90.

Love it! it's so.. aquarelish and perfect for spring <3 It makes me think of the cherry blossom trees I photographed yesterday :)


edit: I ordered it! It's coming half may :)

zaterdag 25 april 2009

You can feel it in the air.

Do you know the feeling when you see something really beautiful, but you just CAN'T capture the beauty on a photograph?
I had it today.
These trees are fantastic, especially in spring. But they're so much more beautiful in real. Too bad you can't see that.
Anyway, this is what my day was like and what I wore ^^


icecream + sun + friends = perfect combination

yay I have 20 followers! thank you guys so much :) I'm free for a week and a half, long live holidays :D
Yesterday I celebrated the last schoolday with some friends. Toke lot of weird photo's and ate icecream :)
Have a nice weekend!


donderdag 23 april 2009

my lucky shoes.

yaaay yesterday I passed my piano C exam! and today my geography test went quite well. So I believe these are lucky shoes, yeah!
pretty simple outfit today, but I like it ^^


woensdag 22 april 2009

Pink pink pink.

Yesterday I dyed my old light green allstars. I wanted them to be red, but they turned out pink xD
Really like them though. But maybe I'm going to dye them again, 'cause I don't wear pink a lot.




Her Morning Elegance,.

such a beautiful video <3
and the music is also really nice.

maandag 20 april 2009


hahahah check this:

Marjolein on Girlscene!

I've posted a outfit on the girlscene forum like.. a month ago or something. Didn't think about it since then. and hahah now I'm (for the second time) on girlscene!

And all those comments!
"ahh you're way too skinny!"
"nooo she's fat"
"WHAT? she is really skinny!"

blah blah blah. My figure is sooo interesting =')
Haha this is so funny!


zondag 19 april 2009

shopping spreee.

All the things I've bought the last few months:

And I think I'm going for the black zipperdress from Topshop. I already have the money haha.


zaterdag 18 april 2009

Tonight's outfit.

My outfit for tonight :) I'll let you know how it was! :)

Oh I forgot one thing to say, my pageview counter is one year active! hooray.
and the stats are:
13835 fashionistas since 18-04-08

So that also means la mode-rétro is already one year old! Happy birthday! I still love blogging, and I really appreciate all the nice comments and the die-hard la mode-rétro visitors <3
Wooooh thanks everyone! :D

which dress?

Both Topshop, 32 pounds

oh oh oh which one should I choose? I love the black one, 'cause it's black and it has a zipper (so cool!) buttt the grey/white one is also nice.
Which one would look the most beautiful on me? help please!



Tonight I'm gonna see it with a friend! We're also doing this musical with school, and I'm playing the daughter Hodel :)

vrijdag 17 april 2009

eye look fabulous.

Haha I love experimenting with my eyeshadow, so here are two things I've done:

hahah I really just did something, no idea what. But it turned out quite cool haha.

Some sort of panter/jungle/golden creation.

Okay and since this is sort of a make-up update, I'll also show you a new nailpolish I bought :)

Absolutely LOVE the color, it's so bright!

woensdag 15 april 2009

Maybe tomorrow.

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

discovered this band at (, add me!)
I also like Have a nice day, Superman, A thousand trees :)


Thanks mom!

I almost forgot to post this, a few weeks ago my mother made a dress for me :D

I love it, the fabric is so cute!
thanks mama!

maandag 13 april 2009

confessions of a shopaholic.

This is what I wore yesterday, when I went to the cinema to see Confessions of a shopaholic. Great movie, if you love fashion, romance and humour, you should absolutely see it!

And oh, the actor who plays Luke Brandon, is sooo cute:

zondag 12 april 2009

Easter breakfast.

Mmm the chocolat bunny is already gone. hehe.


Today we went to a forest in Germany, I forgot how it's called. But it was beautiful!
I feel very tough in my new jeans xD


zaterdag 11 april 2009

And again, great weather!

Today's outfit :)
Bought a black jeans today and ripped it. photo's later!



ahh today was lovely :D I spend hours and hours sunbathing on this thing (what's the name for a 'steiger' in English?) in our backyard, as you can see on the photograph.
Now I'm reaaaally tired, just had my grandma's birthday. Happy 82th birthday oma!

Happy Easter! xoxo

woensdag 8 april 2009

Love in this club

The Summer Set - Love In This Club

You might know the Usher-version, but this one is so much cooler!


maandag 6 april 2009


Smile, and the world smiles with you.

zondag 5 april 2009


I've been tagged by and Blond barbie and The great book of fairytales

1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
(because I am tagged by two people, I just made a mix of the questions xD)
2. Tag eight other un-tagged people

The questions
What is your current obsession? Chocolate, oh well, actually that's my eternal obsession. Hmm current obsession.. obvious sunglasses?

What is your weirdest obsession? I collect all the different Euro coins, from all the EU-countries.

What is your favorite photo of yourself and what's the story behind it?
Hmm I just found this photo again, it was with Sinterklaas-evening, and I just got a new purse :D I like it because it's so happy!

What are you wearing today? black gladiator sandals, grey tights, crème dress with lace.

Why is today special? Because it's sunnyyy :D

What would you like to learn to do? Sewing my own clothes, dancing ballet.

What’s for dinner today? Hmm no idea, I saw my mother with meat and French beans, so probably something with that.

What’s the last thing you bought? 2 pairs of sandals :)

What are you listening to right now? Katy Perry ^^

What is your favorite weather? A sunny day, 20/25 degrees Celcius, with a light breeze :)

What is on your bedside table? 3 books, a pen, a picture postcard and bit of paper.

What is your most challenging goal right now? To pass this schoolyear. After a semester, I switched from the nature-subjects (natural sciences, chemistry, biology and maths B) to history, geography, economics and maths A, so I have to catch up with those subjects. It's a lot of work but I hooope I'm gonna make it.

What do you think about the person who tagged you? MDstyling has a nice blog, and a great style! I love her Topshop bodycon dress :)
Blond Barbie is also a nice blog, and I'm so jealous of her that she's going to NY!

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Ohh that's a difficult one. I'm dreaming to go to Paris, New York city and London someday, so if I've seen those 3 cities, I'll choose haha.

Favorite vacation spot? Le gibanel in la France. Great camping, a lot of teenagers, love it.

What would you like to have in your hands right now? The perfect tan jazz shoes. I saw them on, but they were sold out in my size :(

What would you like to get rid of? my dark-blond hair. I want light, sparkly blond hair!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Paris, NY or London!

Which language do you want to learn? Fluently French, and I also like Italien.

What is your must have at the moment? the topshop jazz shoes :( Oh no, tickets for Rock Werchter, because it's SOLD OUT. argh so frustrating :(

Who do you want to meet in person:
A lot of people that I know from forums and blogs :)

If you were going on a long trip tomorrow (you don't know where you're going to) which 10 things out of your wardrobe would you take with you? Black cardigan, black low allstars, black long sleeve, black and white topshop dress, oversized warm grey H&M cardigan, black gladiator sandals, oversized white shirt, grey acid wash topshop jeans, tight H&M skirt and chanel lookalike bag.

What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? my vintage prom dress, I LOVE it.

What is your dream job? working at a fashion magazine for teenagers (something like Cosmogirl or Ellegirl), photographer, stylist, or doing something with Photoshop.

What did you dream of last night: Something really weird.. I remember something about we suddenly had two gyms in our school, and there was a volleybal match, and the television filmed it. and then I saw a mix between Renée from and a boy I know, some sort of drag-queen (I told you it was weird :P) and he/she walked away very feminine, and then I told a friend of mine I followed her blog for quite a long time now.
hahaha I'm so stupid xD

I'm tagging:

- Julie

- Rae
- daftdaisies
- Joni
- Nina
- Renée
- a part of fashion
- Ketshi

zaterdag 4 april 2009

You're like an indian summer in the middle of a winter.

yay I have two new pairs of sandals! Total costs: 37 euro. woeh I'm good.

Oh and please don't mind the crappy nailpolish on my toes xD They haven't seen the sun for quite a long time, so I just forgot to make them pretty hehe.

And I made 3 outfits with the black gladiator ones. On these photo's you can see my messy room as well :D

donderdag 2 april 2009


Photo's are taken by me.

woensdag 1 april 2009

I wanna explode.

Uh Uh Her - Explode

I have this song in my favourites-map on youtube for a long time now, I really like it :)

new sunniesss and bikini

Yay, the red one is the real one haha.

oh and I also bought a new bikini, it's so cute :D