woensdag 22 april 2009

Pink pink pink.

Yesterday I dyed my old light green allstars. I wanted them to be red, but they turned out pink xD
Really like them though. But maybe I'm going to dye them again, 'cause I don't wear pink a lot.




8 opmerkingen:

zoe. zei

they look amazing!

Jeske zei

They're beautiful!

Charlotte zei

de kleur is echt heel erg mooi geworden, als ik jou was zou ik ze zo laten!

Christina zei

they look absolutely great!

Jose zei

Zo stoer, hoe heb je dat gedaan?

Raez zei

thats really nifty.

i never thought of dyeing shoes to give them a new life, youve done a great job!

Annie zei

i don´t like pink a lot , but these shoes are just amazing.

jennifer zei

hahah dat doe ik ook wel eens mn allstars verven :D