woensdag 29 april 2009

See by Chloé hippy top

Hey mates!

well, as you might know, my nickname is Hippy.
Ka chun, a good friend and loyal blog follower, made it up (thanks xD) and hmm yeah I like it.
soooo when I saw this See by Chloé top, I thought: omggg it's so perfect!

But, since I'm not someone who would spend €65,- on a tanktop, I used my photoshop-powers to make.. this! (click for bigger version)

So you, all my dear blogreaders, can make your own hippy top! And yes the headband is slightly different than the real one, because I used some patterns. But I like that :D
Good luck!


6 opmerkingen:

ourcatwalk zei

OOO MARJOLEIN!!! Dit ga ik zo erg doennn! thankyouuuuu :) Yes, you made my day.

Leanne zei

Wauw cool, ga je 'm zelf ook maken? :D

Beer zei

Wauw die wil ik ook gaan maken :D echt mooi gedaan!

Annie zei

aaaawww i like that !
but so much money for a tank top ? that´s bad -.-
i should be rich , damn !

Robine zei

Wat een geweldig idee, denk dat ik binnenkot maar weer eens transferpapier ga kopen en deze ga drukken op een shirt :D

LANA zei

Wauw echt knap gedaan, kan het verschil echt niet zien!