zaterdag 30 mei 2009

Paolo Nutini, sunny side up.

Today I bought Paolo Nutini's brand new album: Sunny side up.
I never buy cd's, but since I'm a diehard-paolo fan, I HAD to buy it haha.

So, a little review:
This album is quite different from These Streets. On these streets there are a lot of ballads (like Autumn, Last request, White lies etc.)
On Sunny side up there are some really happy, uptempo songs (like 10/10 and Pencil Full of load) and also some ballads (Tricks of the trades, Keep rolling etc.) And some songs that are just right in between, like Coming up easy and Candy. I like these songs the most :)
Simple Things is a little bit too western-like for me.
Overall, I like it 'cause it's Paolo Nutini and his voice is amazing (that accent! <3) but I wouldn't say it's better than These Streets.
I think These streets have some really, really beautiful songs (and I love ballads haha) but Sunny Side up is just a lot happier and has songs in an other style. A style I don't recognize in previous songs.
Yeah, These Streets is still my favourite, but Sunny Side up is also really nice and you should buy it if you like Paolo!

Candy, Coming up easy and Tricks of the trades are my favorite songs from Sunny Side Up. It's in store now and costs €20,-

2 opmerkingen:

Ania Cyk zei

I really love Paolo!! But I haven't heard any of his new songs. I must buy this album ;]

Imke zei

Gosh, I LOOOOVE Paolo! Ö I really do, can't wait to buy the album. I don't buy albums either, but for him, I can make an exception <3