vrijdag 1 mei 2009

Queens night '09.

29 april I went to Enschede with some friends to celebrate queen's night. It was really nice!

1. This is 'De jeugd van tegenwoordig'. They asked us: where is the love? And then we all had to make a heart with our hands <3
2. another shot of DJVT
3. me with Maaike and Marijn. We're holding a pack of chocolatcookies and I'm like: COOKIEEES :D
4. ohhh this was such a stupid thing! I wanted to make a photograph of Maaike and Marijn, and I walked backwards. But suddenly there was this stupid.. cat-thing and I almost fell over it x'D
5. lights lights lights
6. Me and Maaike with her sunglasses. and omg my bang really look weeeird here.


4 opmerkingen:

Mirthe zei

JVT!!!!! Super vet:D

Annie zei

you had fun , right ?^^

Kelly zei

ik was er ook !
en ik heb je niet gezien :p
koninginnedag was ik bij 't pleintje in Hengelo :p

Sanne zei

daar was ik ook!
en ik ga morgen ook naar zwollywood!