zaterdag 2 mei 2009

walibi world!

Yesterday I visited Walibi with my best friend, my sister and a friend of my sister.
It was really nice! Even standing 45 minutes in a row for a rollercoaster was fun with Tess xD (see the last picture(s))
and oh oh I hate those jeans. I wanted to wear my topshop jeans but they weren't clean so I had to wear these ones. They're too tight and too low and too short hehe.

Oh and for the dutchies; ik ga naar het bevrijdingsfestival in Zwolle! dus als je ook gaat en me ziet, roep dan even haha :D


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Carolien zei

Walibi is zo leuk! En je foto's trouwens ook. :)

I like your blog.