maandag 29 juni 2009

I feel cute

Sorry I kinda forgot about my blog, but there was a lot going on here this weekend.

today's outfit:

vrijdag 26 juni 2009

shoe fun

at Zara.

Zara <3

As I promised, pictures of my blazer and tee from Zara:

This picture above is made in the Zara dressing room ^^
The next two pictures are made around 02:00, when I got back from the party I went to haha.
I wore my black allstars with it.


meeting time

haha just got back from a party. Jeez it's really partyhardy time right now. Tomorrow I have another one, and sunday too.. pff. It's fun though haha, I shouldn't complain.

Today, I met 2 girls I know from the internet. It was so nice! First we went shopping, I bought an amazing blazer and a white tee from Zara :) (I also got my H&M order, so pictures tomorrow!)
This meeting was great! I would totally do it again, we had a blast!


woensdag 24 juni 2009



dinsdag 23 juni 2009

walibi world II

Went to Walibi World today with school :) the weather was fantastic!
Taking funny pictures is the best thing you could do (while waiting on your turn) in the rollercoaster.


maandag 22 juni 2009

No repeating for me.

Yeah! After a weekend partying and not updating (sorry guys), I finally got my grades back today. They were not good, but I'm going to the 11th grade so I'm really happy!
Wednesday or thursday I have my last test (a repeat) and then it's only hand in my books and get my schoolreport and then: SUMMER.
Rockwerchter/Italy/sun/sea/beach/music aaah can't wait.

Well beside this, I don't have something to tell you =') Oh one thing: I discovered this great band yesterday. Love them!

Again and again (sorry about the stupid sims video, but this was the only one I was able to put on my blog)

I'm a broken heart

La la la


vrijdag 19 juni 2009

pure love.

Both Viktor & Rolf via

highlights baby

Yesterday evening I highlighted my hair. I decided to do it around 17:30, bought the dye at 17:45 and around 20:00 my sister was putting the dye into my hair. how do you mean I'm impulsive? xD
anyway, jeezz it's such an annoying thing to do. You have to wear a ridiculous cap, and the dye stinks and bleh.
After 20 minutes sitting uncomfortable with a towel in my neck and that stupid cap on my head, the manual told me I needed to check if it was blonde enough already. So I went to the mirror and I thought: oh my I believe this is WAY too blond O_o
So I washed it out, and it turned out to be not as blond as I thought it was xD so the result is subtle, but nice.
Oh don't mind the weird curly hair on the first pic, my hair just goes that way when I had it in a knot (and after 15 minutes it's all straight again). Oh and the 'after' pictures are taken in the sun, so it looks like it's a BIG different with 'before' but in real life it isn't that much of a difference hehe.
ah well, I like it. Altough no one at school today asked if I highlighted my hair =')

oh and thanks for the comments! If you're a new reader of my blog: welcome! scroll down or click on 'comments' in the sentence before and give your opinion! I could really use it

donderdag 18 juni 2009

H&M is way more fun than maths

I woke up early this morning, to study maths and economics (blehh hate it), so after half an hour studying I thought it would be nice to check out the H&M online shop.
Ordered the following stuff:

The tanktop I chose a size bigger, so it's a little bit oversized (oh and it was the only size left xD) If everything goes well, I have it before I go to Rock werchter and on holiday, sooo that's perfect.

Love x

woensdag 17 juni 2009

This is definitely my cup of tee

After all those hours of waiting, I present you:

I made the print with Photoshop, and used transfer paper to iron it on the shirt.
It's totally Maaike (I mean, her face is on it!), and she loved it :D I even made a label, with 'Glambition' on it (a name I've used on the internet for many years now)
And well, I love doing this. Making things with photoshop, and then turn it into fashion, it's so cool!
Now I was thinking, MAYBE, I could start a webshop with self-made tee's. Not the "Not everything is flat in Holland"-kinda t-shirts, but tee's like this one I made for Maaike. Haha it's only an idea, but it would be quite cool right? but I have no idea what you think about it, sooo:

Do you like the shirt above and would you buy something like that?
(ofcourse they will be with other designs, but you get the idea)

please comment!

I'm a criminal

starring cutie Jazz.

cover it!

Some covers I really like:

dinsdag 16 juni 2009

It's present time!

I made something for Maaike, who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago (the blogreader who pays attention should remember it). I only gave her a Troy-necklace back then, 'cause I couldn't make what I was planning to give. So finally, tomorrow she's gonna get the present.
And tell me, isn't this the cutest gift ever?

GUG is a nickname we have for eachother xD haha it's totally not a funny story, so I'm not gonna tell you.
Anyways, if you're curious to know what's inside the wrapping-paper: come back tomorrow!
(wooooh, cliffhanger!)


maandag 15 juni 2009

Festival outfits

I made a few festival outfits, inspired by the festival shots I've posted a few days ago.
Too bad it's not sure how the weather is gonna be, and there will be mud EVERYWHERE.
So I have to go for the jeans-allstars-shirt-raincoat look, I'm afraid.

Make room for my love

You've seen a littlebit of my bedroom in outfit shots, but never my whole room.
So when I had cleaned up my room I decided to take some photo's to show you!
Usually my room is one big messy room, so don't think it's always as clean it is on the pictures hehe.


zondag 14 juni 2009

Topshop fall/winter 09/10

When I was surfing the internet, I stumbled upon these cool pictures of Topshop's fall/winter collection 09/10.
My favourites: the black peeptoe lace up boots, the long cardigan with sequins/glitters, the silver sequined blazer, the chanel-like, but more modern jacket, the grey platform heels and the sequined top.
It seems like it's gonna be all glitter and glamour next fall and winter, and I'm not complaining!


zaterdag 13 juni 2009

Festival time

Yay! I have 40 followers <3
so if you like my blog, please Follow ------>

And I'm going to Rock Werchter, there were some problems but they're all solved and I'm ready to listen to the music for 4 days :D

Some nice festival ouftis:

donderdag 11 juni 2009

Postcards from far away

oh my. how beautiful is this?
And too bad it's so short, wish it was longer!


The roses I got from my mother after the musical performance are getting more and more beautiful by the day.
hey, that reminds me of a cute sentence in French I had to learn a few months ago.
"la jeune fille embellit de jour en jour" it means: the girl is getting more beautiful by the day :)
Oh and I know the header is like REALLY simple right now, but I haven't got inspiration to make a better one.


woensdag 10 juni 2009

take a bow.

Today I had two important tests and a presentation. The economics test went very well, I got an 8. The art test went not so well, stupid questions. And the presentation went also well so that's great.

Oh and I'm re-styling my blog, I've made the width a bit wider, so the photographs can be a little bit bigger and clearer, and I'm going to change the header. Maybe something a bit more.. simple.
don't know yet haha.

today's outfit: