donderdag 18 juni 2009

H&M is way more fun than maths

I woke up early this morning, to study maths and economics (blehh hate it), so after half an hour studying I thought it would be nice to check out the H&M online shop.
Ordered the following stuff:

The tanktop I chose a size bigger, so it's a little bit oversized (oh and it was the only size left xD) If everything goes well, I have it before I go to Rock werchter and on holiday, sooo that's perfect.

Love x

6 opmerkingen:

Vi Nguyen zei

aaaaah dat blousje is vet leuk!

Suzanne zei

haha, ik had maandag een soort gelijke titel :P. ik laat me ook te vaak verleiden tijdens huiswerk :P. dat blouse is inderdaad heel mooi! ik hou van de kleurtjes!

Nikki zei

Dat bloesje! :D

Fashionaddicted zei

Schattige clipjes! Heb ze ook in alle kleuren haha :)

melmo zei

oh wow that blouse is sooo fantastic! the colour and the pattern and everything. just cool!!!

Raez zei

ah! thanks, i hate exams too, i only have one more to go, good luck to you to!

and i love teh bows, they'll look so cute on you;)

xx raez