vrijdag 19 juni 2009

highlights baby

Yesterday evening I highlighted my hair. I decided to do it around 17:30, bought the dye at 17:45 and around 20:00 my sister was putting the dye into my hair. how do you mean I'm impulsive? xD
anyway, jeezz it's such an annoying thing to do. You have to wear a ridiculous cap, and the dye stinks and bleh.
After 20 minutes sitting uncomfortable with a towel in my neck and that stupid cap on my head, the manual told me I needed to check if it was blonde enough already. So I went to the mirror and I thought: oh my I believe this is WAY too blond O_o
So I washed it out, and it turned out to be not as blond as I thought it was xD so the result is subtle, but nice.
Oh don't mind the weird curly hair on the first pic, my hair just goes that way when I had it in a knot (and after 15 minutes it's all straight again). Oh and the 'after' pictures are taken in the sun, so it looks like it's a BIG different with 'before' but in real life it isn't that much of a difference hehe.
ah well, I like it. Altough no one at school today asked if I highlighted my hair =')

oh and thanks for the comments! If you're a new reader of my blog: welcome! scroll down or click on 'comments' in the sentence before and give your opinion! I could really use it

7 opmerkingen:

Ania Cyk zei

My hair goes like this after one-week holiday at seaside and sunbathing ;) I like this change

Valentine zei

they are subtle. :-) i could almost imagine the effort.. ive tried diy hair color before but pretty much got the dye all over my clothes instead.. im super clumsy. hehe..


Raez zei

woweee! your hair looks great, very nautral look, i love:)


Tessa zei

haha dat komt me bekend voor, ik laat mn moeder ook altijd highlights zetten bij mij, de laatste keer had ik mn haren gewassen kwam ik de douche uit en keek ik in de spiegel: AAAAAHHHHHHH zo blond wilde ik het niet!!!
maar uiteindelijk went het wel :p

Fashionaddicted zei

Mooi hoor! Het valt best mee met het verschil toch? :)

Nikki zei

Ik vind 't mooi, inderdaad heel subtiel en niet zo ontzettend fake. :)

Posh zei

Je haar is mooi gelukt zeg! =)