dinsdag 16 juni 2009

It's present time!

I made something for Maaike, who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago (the blogreader who pays attention should remember it). I only gave her a Troy-necklace back then, 'cause I couldn't make what I was planning to give. So finally, tomorrow she's gonna get the present.
And tell me, isn't this the cutest gift ever?

GUG is a nickname we have for eachother xD haha it's totally not a funny story, so I'm not gonna tell you.
Anyways, if you're curious to know what's inside the wrapping-paper: come back tomorrow!
(wooooh, cliffhanger!)


5 opmerkingen:

Nikki zei

I'll be back!

Suzanne zei

ooeh, spannend!

Sarah zei

Ben benieuwd wat erin zit, de verpakking is in ieder geval heeel cute!

Raez zei

adorable, she is a lucky girl;)

Nikki - takingchances.web-log.nl zei

Haha ben nog serieus benieuwd ook.. :P