maandag 20 juli 2009

Italy 2009


Wiehoe, internet is working again so I can FINALLY update my blog.
I've found my friends, there are a lot dutch young people now and we're having a really nice time :) tonight we're gonna eat pizza all together :) oh and the weather is fantastic, it's reallyyyy hot here.

A few photographs of the last 2 weeks:
^ haha me being silly at the supermarket.

Okay I wanted to show more pictures of the nature and stuff, but imageshack is doing very annoying so you have to do it with this.

Oke have a great week and I'll try to update again this week.


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Fashionaddicted zei


Dorien zei

Hoi ! Super leuke blog en kledingstijl ;) ! Ik wilde vragen of je me misschien eventjes wilde mailen via, ik heb namelijk een vraagje voor je :) !

Raez zei

awesome! hope you had loads of fun, im eager to see all teh nautre pics!

xx raez

Ruxandra zei

such a cute dress you're wearing in the acting silly pic.:)

saamielola zei

Mooie foto's. Jouw foto in de supermarkt vind ik het leukst, mooie jurk!

Alexandra zei

That first picture right there is AHHMAZING. And so is the dress you were wearing at the supermarket. (: