zaterdag 11 juli 2009

RW, day three & italy

Hey there! First of all, this message is live from Italy! I made this update below a few days earlier.
The weather is reeeeally hot here, and there's alot of sun. I'm not sure where the nice (dutch) people are though. I guess they're hiding or something because I haven't spoke to one yet hehe.
Ah well, hopefully I'll meet some friends next week!
See you later!


On the third day I've seen; regina spektor, katy perry, franz ferdinand, yeah yeah yeahs, Kings of leon, and 2manyDJ's.

hahah I LOVE the last picture, it's so funny x'D After we saw Kings of Leon, I was so tired. but the beats of 2manyDJs made me dance, it was so much fun.
Regina spektor's voice was as beautiful as always, and Katy perry is such a cool person haha. she even asked a girl to join her on the stage and dance!

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Anoniem zei


Alleen heeft dat ene meisje haar bikinitopje verkeerd aan, of hoort dat zo?

Joni zei

Dat ben ik en dat hoort zo ja, haha :D Er zitten onderaan bolletjes, tussen de twee stukjes.

Ah, was echt een heerlijke dag. Alleen véél te warm.