woensdag 8 juli 2009

RW, day two

I've seen Amy Macdonald, Elbow, Jason Mraz, bloc party, the Killers and Coldplay (click for a little video) this day.
You really have to see that video, I also found this vid on youtube.
Coldplay was absolutely my favourite :) And I'm going to see them again on 09-09-09 in Nijmegen!

Oh, tomorrow I'm heading to Italy for 3 weeks! But I'm gonna make some updates now, so you don't have to miss me 3 weeks haha :P
I hope there's internet.

6 opmerkingen:

Sjaar zei

Offcourse we houden allemaal van magnum..:P

Robine zei

Hele leuke foto's, ziet er gezellig uit! En give me that magnum met nootjes haha.

Clau! zei

ohh I love thos heart shaped glasses ;) Both of them

Raez zei

you are go italy! how awesome, i wish you allthe best there, bon voyage:)

Mirthe zei

waaaa, ik ga ook 9 september naar coldplay! ik heb er zooooo'n zin in. het gaat echt briljantheid worden, ik voel het:|

saamielola zei

Ik was er op die dag er ook!