dinsdag 8 september 2009

coldplay and paolo, here I come

aahh one day to go and then COLDPLAY. tomorrow my dad and I are going to Nijmegen to see them (it's already my second time to see them live :D) aaah i can't wait. I lovelovelove coldplay. wiehoeee. haha sorry I'm too happy xD OH btw, with thanks to a really sweet girl from the ellegirl forum, I got two Paolo Nutini in Paradiso tickets! aah my bestie and I are going to see this hottie with his great voice on 13 november. I'm a huge fan of Paolo, so I'm extremely excited!

A outfit of a few days ago, also experimented a bit with make-up haha.

9 opmerkingen:

minkeltje zei

Die rok is echt zo leuk!! Waar issie van?

Suzanne zei

staat je mooi hoor, die rode lippen! echt super leuk jurkje ook :)

Emma zei

Staat je super goed.
en jouw ogen hebben echt een super zalig kleur.
Have fun bij coldplay, ze zijn echt super ;)

Mirthe zei

Hoe vond je Coldplay?

Raez zei

sweeeeet, i love the outfit and i hope you have fun @ coldplay & paulo nutini...jealous!

xx raez

Alexandra zei

The print is just great. I love it. Hope you have an awesome time :DD

lovert zei

ik woon dichtbij nijmegen ben ook langs coldplay geweest;p leuke outfit heb je aan:)

Glamour Bbey zei

Bij indeling & dan lettertype & kleuren, en daar kan je alles aanpassen! x

Zhcsyra hp zei

je adoore the style nd look lyk this one :))
ur tights,skirt,dress,shoes .nice combined