zondag 20 september 2009

I feel good! *tutututudum*

My camera is back, and so are the photographs and video's from the modeshow.
Here are two video's of me walking down the runway.
You have to turn your head, but that's no problem, I guess.



Yesterday I went to the fair again, with a bigger group of friends this time. I had such a nice time, I love fairs xD (except for the people there, sometimes they're so asocial) and guess what? Somebody recognized me! haha so exciting! We bumped into a friend, and he was with some girls and suddenly one girls said: hey, you're from that blog!
So cool! I don't know if you read this, girl who recognized me (I don't know your name), but I would like to say hi :D hope you had a great night ^^
AND she wore red tights, yay. +1 for coloured tights.

Oh yeah, before I forget, if you have twitter and you'd like to follow my fantastic life (haha just kidding, actually it's quite boring =')); my twitter


3 opmerkingen:

FESI zei

Ja klopt, ik heb ze van deze verkoper: personal_care4u

Milou zei

aaah wat grappig
ik zit nu dit te lezen en opeens een stukje waarin ik mezelf herken!
HOI! :D ik ben het meisje dat jou herkende van je blog (: hihi mijn naam is trouwens Milou! aaah was het verder nog leuk op de kermis? en inderdaad 1-0 voor gekleurde tights ;D ze waren trouwens knalroze haha! xD echt leuk dat je er wat over schreef! made me feel special

haha xxx milou
(www.milouisyourmusic.hyves.nl, voorals je hierop nog wilt reageren want ik zou niet weten hoe anders haha!)

Marjolein zei

Aah zo vet ;) Je word beroemd! Maar supervet dat je een modeshow hebt gelopen!

En je lay is echt mooi gemaakt :D

xx Marjolein ;)