maandag 21 september 2009

When you're feeling down, always dress up.

People are using my room as a dress-up room since I started to collect weird accessoires.
Even my guyfriends do, and none of them are gay xD (oke, oke, sometimes I force them to put on my heart-shaped sunglasses. They're so cute on them. muaha) I can understand, it's so much fun dressing up weird and make photographs, it's truly one of my passions.
This is me with Out-of-bed-looking Bathrobe Guitarhero and I-heart-your-boots Little Chinese Guy.
haha they're great.

10 opmerkingen:

Suzanne zei

haha, nicee!

Alexandra zei

Bahaha, cute pictures. (:
That guy on the right looks awesome.

Mirthe zei

Hahaha, zeeer funny. Dat vinden wij ook altijd leuk om te doen:)

Musty zei

haha geweldig dit :)

Panda zei

Hey! Sorry its a late, but thanks so so so much for my lovely comment, it's so sweet of you. Oh and those pictures are awesome.

Panda xxx

Sarah zei

Hahahaa, wat grappig! Vooral die rechtse jongen met die hartjeszonnebril haha.

Laura zei

Dat ziet er gezellig uit! ;)
Leuke foto's!!

Liset zei

Haha ziet er heel leuk uit!

Raez zei

wow! your friends are amazing! i wish my guy friends would dress up fun like yours:)

xx raez

Isa zei

What a nice picture!!